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JunJun / Sailor Juno Sailor Moon Trivia

Saturday, November 30, 2013
JunJun is a member of the Amazoness Quartet from the Sailor Moon anime and manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. What interesting trivia is there about this character? What does her name mean and where did it come from?
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As a member of the Amazoness Quartet, JunJun is the second youngest of the four sisters. She is the one with the green hair and the green theme. The Sailor Moon manga reveals that the Amazoness Quartet are actually Sailor Senshi, collectively known as either the Sailor Quartet or the Asteroid Senshi.

As a member of the Sailor Quartet, JunJun is known as Sailor Juno. The name "JunJun" is thus derived from the name "Juno". But where did Juno come from? Why was she called this name? The reason is that JunJun and her sisters are actually named after asteroids, hence the term "Asteroid Senshi".

JunJun is named after the asteroid known as Juno. This asteroid is one of the four major asteroids that can be found in what is known as the Asteroid Belt. But Juno isn't just the name of an asteroid or of Sailor Juno. It's also the name of a goddess.

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To be more precise, Juno is the name of the Roman goddess of marriage (among other things) and the queen of the gods and goddesses. Juno's counterpart is the Greek goddess Hera.

Speaking of counterparts, Sailor Juno is actually said to be the counterpart of Sailor Jupiter, which explains why her theme is green (Sailor Jupiter also has green themes though hers is a different shade of green).

It's actually doubly appropriate that Sailor Juno and Sailor Jupiter are each other's counterparts and could be related to each other because, in Roman Mythology, Juno is actually the wife of the king of the gods called Jupiter (his Greek counterpart is the god Zeus).

JunJun is the tomboy of the group who is also very athletic, which can explain why she's an acrobat for the Dead Moon Circus and why she is known as the Magician of Acrobatic Feats.

The fact that she is an acrobat could be related to Hera in that one of the latter's symbols is that of the peacock, which can be described as showy and flashy and acrobats could be like that too.

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She seems to have the tendency to help her targets reach or achieve their dreams before taking their Dream Mirrors.

This can be seen in episode 155 of Sailor Moon SuperS wherein JunJun aided Kyusuke (a friend of Chibiusa's) before taking his Dream Mirror.

This shows howshe can also be described as unpredictable and fickle because (using the aforementioned episode as a reference yet again) of how she gave no indication that she was going to take Kyusuke's Dream Mirror.

In fact, she was helping Kyusuke even before she knew that he was her target. This aspect of her character and personality could be attributed to the goddess that she was named after. The goddess Juno can also be fickle, not to mention vengeful.

And she is relentless in her pursuit of those she hates and dislikes in much the same way that JunJun gave no qualms taking Kyusuke's Dream Mirror even after taking the time to help him.

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To illustrate, because Hera absolutely loathes Heracles (or Hercules. He's a demi-god and hero), she did not stop trying to torment him and cause him as much trouble as possible.

So, while JunJun can be pretty nice, you wouldn't want to incur her wrath in much the same way that you wouldn't want to incur the goddess Juno's wrath.

JunJun's loyalty and dedication to her mission can also be related to the goddess Juno. Hera has remained loyal to Zeus even though the latter has kept betraying her.

So, what do you think of Sailor Juno or JunJun? Do you like her character? Is she your favorite member of the Amazoness Quartet?

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