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Keroberos Card Captor Sakura Trivia

Friday, December 06, 2013
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Keroberos is a character from the Card Captor Sakura or Cardcaptor Sakura (CCS) anime and manga series by CLAMP.

He's the Guardian Beast of the Clow Cards. What interesting trivia is there about his name and his form?

Keroberos was created by Clow Reed. He's the one that had been appointed to select potential candidates that could be the next master of the Clow Cards. More often than not, Keroberos is referred to or known as Kero-chan or Kero.

kero, keorberos, sakura kinomoto, cardcaptor sakura, card captor sakura, anime, manga
Kero actually has two forms: his true form, where he appears as an impressive beast, which looks somewhat like a lion, only with wings, and his temporary or borrowed form, where he appears as a small stuffed toy with wings.

His powers and abilities are based on the Sun, which could be why the color of both his forms is that of a golden yellow hue. This is actually pretty ironic though (the fact that his color is yellow and that his powers are sun-based, that is).

The reason for that lies in the origins of his name. Keroberos was actually named after a creature from Greek Mythology. To be more precise, he was named after the three-headed dog or hell hound that guarded the entrance and exit to the Underworld.

This hell hound is more commonly known as Cerberus (this is Latin), but the creature has also been called Kerberos or Keroberos (these are the Greek versions of the Latin name). Card Captor Sakura's Keroberos may not have three heads, but his name still fits because he could certainly come across as fierce and massively impressive and even dangerous in his true form.

In the same way, Cerberus definitely looks foreboding, scary and dangerous with his large body and 3 heads. Another thing that makes Kero's name rather perfectly apt for him is the fact that he's the guardian of the Clow Cards.
yue, sakura kinomoto, kero, keroberos, cardcaptor sakura, card captor sakura, anime, manga
The beast he was named after is also a guardian of sorts though it's not cards that Cerberus is guarding. As aforementioned, the hell hound actually guarded the entrance to the Underworld. No one alive is allowed to pass by Cerberus. He only allows those who are dead to pass, and, once inside the Underworld, no one can leave.

cardcaptor sakura, card captor sakura, sakura kinomoto, kero, keroberos, anime, manga
Since Cerberus is in the Underworld, it can be said that he is the loyal guard or watch dog of the Greek god Hades, who is the ruler of the Underworld.

This can be comparable to Keroberos who is loyal to Sakura Kinomoto, the new master of the Clow Cards.

One myth or story about Cerberus is that, if you give him sweets or cakes, then you'll be allowed to enter the Underworld even if you're not dead. This can be likened to Kero who absolutely loves sweets.

So, what do you think of Keroberos? Is he one of your favorite characters in Card Captor Sakura? Do you find him cool and interesting?

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