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What To Dislike About The Gekkou-Takeshi Fight Scene In Magical Warfare?

Friday, January 06, 2017
Caught a few episodes of the Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou anime series.

Seems pretty interesting so far, but I’ve some questions about the fight between Gekkou and Takeshi*. What’s there to dislike about it?

*Warning for possible spoilers for said fight scene

I saw this scene wherein the magic school (no, not Hogwarts. LOL :-). It’s called Subaru Magic Academy) that the main characters attend is attacked.

This leads to a fight between Takeshi Nanase and his younger brother, Gekkou Nanase.

While the battle between the 2 was pretty interesting and made me want to know more about how the magic system in this series worked, it also made me wonder about that girl who was watching the fight.
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Her name is Kurumi Isoshima. During the fight, she pretty much just stood there, screaming. But why? Seriously, how is that supposed to help Takeshi (she was clearly rooting for the older brother)?

I wanted to know why she didn’t do anything, why she just stood there, watching, screaming and basically doing nothing at all.

It’s because, earlier, I saw her with Takeshi and she was also clearly a student of the magic school.

Doesn’t that mean that she knows magic? Can she do magic or can’t she? If she can’t, then what in the world is she doing in a magic school?

If she can, then why didn’t she use magic to help Takeshi? Why didn’t she at least try?

If it doesn’t work, then, at least she tried, right? And, at the very least, the audience doesn’t have to wonder about this. Or am I just missing something here or what?

kurumi isoshima, takeshi nanase, gekkou nanase, magical warfare, mahou sensou, anime
I also want to know why she stayed there, why she continued to watch the fight between Gekkou and Takeshi Nanase.

I mean, she clearly couldn’t protect Takeshi by herself, so why did she stay? Why didn’t she at least leave to go get help?

She could have made herself useful and went looking for someone who can help her friend instead of just standing there doing nothing.

She practically let herself get captured. What’s up with that? As for Takeshi, I’ve to wonder why he didn’t die during his fight with Gekkou.

I know, he’s apparently, unfortunately, the main character (so far, I find that I’m not all that impressed with him), but, aside from that fact, is there a believable and realistic reason why/how he wasn’t killed during that scene?

I suppose you can say that it’s because Gekkou and Takeshi are siblings, but, is that really it?

From what I’ve seen so far, Gekkou seems to really hate his big brother, so much so that he didn’t have qualms picking a fight with him or hurting him.

So, what, does he draw the line at murder or something? I dunno. What do you think?

Side note: yeah, haven’t finished watching this anime yet, but I’ve no problems with spoilers. So, feel free to reveal relevant and not-so-relevant plot points or whatever.

But, as a courtesy to those who may not want spoilers, kindly tell people if your comment/note/message/etc includes spoilers. Thanks :-)

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