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Is There Anything Interesting In The Kyoukai No Kanata Romance?

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Also known as, "Initial thoughts about the Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama romance in Beyond the Boundary."

Or, as I initially knew them - the blond guy and that pink-haired girl with the glasses.

Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito Kanbara, kyoukai no kanata, beyond the boundary, anime
Do you think the love between Akihito Kanbara and
Mirai Kuriyama from the Kyoukai no Kanata anime is romantic, believable and realistic?

I just saw a bit of the Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary anime series, so don’t really know much about it yet. And that’s why there’s no spoiler warning in this post.

Anyway, my initial thoughts about the Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama romance is that I don’t like it. It’s not that I don’t like them. No, wait, scratch that.

Actually, from what I’ve seen so far of Mirai Kuriyama, I don’t really like her. Who knows, maybe if I see more of this series / show, I’ll get to like her, but, at the moment, nope, totally not liking her. I talk a bit more about the reasons why in this post here.

Akihito Kanbara isn’t that bad though. He seems like an all right character, so far. I’m just not sure about pairing those 2 up.

So far, their romance isn’t and doesn’t look believable. Not seeing any chemistry between them or anything like that.

Well, Kanbara apparently likes people who wear glasses. Oh, look, Mirai wears glasses. What a coincidence. Not. Does that sound contrived to you or what?

So far, haven’t really seen the 2 interact much with each other yet. The few times I saw them talking or hanging out - it just didn’t really seem or feel right.

Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito Kanbara, kyoukai no kanata, beyond the boundary, anime
Mirai Kuriyama wears glasses. Akihito Kanbara likes
girls who wear glasses. Is this romance forced or contrived or what?

For instance, I saw this scene where Kuriyama went to Akihito’s house. At that time, Sakura Inami was there, but Kanbara didn’t tell Mirai about this.

The pink-haired girl insisted on knowing who was with him though and she kept pushing him to tell her.

I found that kind of annoying. Like, how is that her business? It’s the guy’s house, right, not hers? So what’s it to her if he brings people to his house?

He should be able to bring whoever he wants to his house without having to consult or tell Kuriyama about it. In this scene, it seemed like she believed that she was entitled to know what Kanbara’s up to.

They're not even lovers, so it's all the more reason why it's none of her business what he does. They may be friends, but that doesn't mean he has to tell her things.

If they're really friends, she should understand if there are things he doesn't want to talk about with her.

Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito Kanbara, anime, kyoukai no kanata, beyond the boundary
It's so obvious that Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito
Kanbara will end up together. Can we please have something different for a change? 

Anyway, from what I could see so far, unfortunately, it seems pretty obvious that those 2 would end up together. Sigh. How predictable.

Prove me wrong? It’s really gonna happen though, isn’t it? Those 2 are gonna be a couple, aren’t they?

Oh, well. If that’s really the case, if I see more of Beyond the Boundary / Kyoukai no Kanata, I just hope that their relationship improves and becomes more believable.

So, what about you? What do you think about the Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito Kanbara romance?

Side note: yeah, haven’t finished watching this anime yet, but I’ve no problems with spoilers. So, feel free to reveal relevant and not-so-relevant plot points or whatever.

But, as a courtesy to those who may not want spoilers, kindly tell people if your comment, note, message, etc includes spoilers. Thanks :-).

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