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Problems With Guarding Wind, Balder's Sword In Ragnarok Manhwa

Friday, December 27, 2013
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, guarding wind, balder, sword
The very first volume of Ragnarok: Into The Abyss tells us that Balder has a sword called Guarding Wind. What's so strange and weird about that? And what other questions can be asked about this sword?

First of all, it should be noted that, in Norse Mythology Balder does not have a sword. I searched around, to be sure, but I could not find any references of the god having a sword, much less one that is called Guarding Wind.

Why should this matter to us though? It matters because Ragnarok: Into The Abyss tells us that it is loosely based on Norse Mythology.

As such, all those who know some myths and legends about the Norse gods will want to be informed of the differences between what is said in mythology and how it is in the manhwa. So, with that said, the question now is why would Balder have a sword and why would it be called Guarding Wind?
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, guarding wind, sword, balder
This wouldn't have mattered at all if we were talking about a different character or one who is not based on a figure from Norse Mythology. But since we're talking about Balder who isn't known to have a sword, the comic should have explained the reason for this sword's existence and the fact that it apparently belongs to said god.

Unfortunately, we get no explanation whatsoever. Instead, in Chapter 2 of Volume 1, we just get that Guarding Wind can apparently help Fenris Fenrir find Balder, which is certainly believable since the sword does belong to the guy.

Things change (that is to say that things are no longer all that believable) when we get to chapter 5 of the same volume as Fenris begins to do some sort of spell or ritual, which makes use of the sword. She soon reveals that she doesn't remember the entirety of her past as of yet and that not all of the memories of her past life have returned.

Apparently, Guarding Wind is the key to allowing her to remember everything, but the questions are why and how because none of this makes sense in the least. The sword belongs to Balder and not to her, so it would have made more sense if the weapon was the key to helping her find the reincarnation of the god or if it would help Balder recall his forgotten memories.

Either or both of those scenarios would have been much more believable. Of course, neither happens and Fenrir doesn't contemplate any of this at all as she just focuses on finishing the weird spell or ritual that she was doing.

fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, guarding wind, sword
The end of the spell or ritual showed her a path, which she decided to follow. There's nothing wrong with that, but the question now is where exactly will this path lead her?

Will it lead her to her forgotten memories or to Balder's reincarnation? By doing what she just did with the sword, was she able to remember all of her past life?

These things aren't clear at all and we're left wondering about the answers to these questions even as the graphic novel progresses.

It should be noted that the sword apparently led Fenris Fenrir to Chaos since the two will soon meet. However, there's no mention of whether or not she already remembers all of her memories. Speaking of this meeting between two of the main characters, why is it that when the two had met, Fenrir had not handed the sword over to its rightful owner?

No, seriously, did you notice that Guarding Wind just seemingly disappeared as you continue reading the comic? It was such a big deal in volume 1 of the manhwa that you'd think that it was some very important artifact that will be the key to many plot points. But the sword just vanishes seemingly without a trace. And no one mentions it anymore, not even Fenris Fenrir.

Again, I have to ask, why didn't she give the weapon to Chaos who, as Balder's reincarnation, is its rightful owner? Where did Guarding Wind disappear to? Why did it disappear? And how come no one is asking about this? What do you think happened to Balder's sword? Do you think we'll ever see this sword ever again? What's your theory on why it simply vanished without a trace?

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- Said image is meant to represent the sword of Balder
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