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Things To Like And Dislike About Characters In Magical Warfare

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Caught a few episodes of the Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou anime series. So far, the show seems pretty interesting though can’t say that I’m all that impressed with all of the characters that I’ve been introduced to.

magical warfare, mahou sensou, anime, takeshi nanase, mui aiba, kurumi isoshima
From left to right: Kurumi Isoshima, Takeshi Nanase, and Mui Aiba

There is one person that was really quite cool. I wanted to know more about her. It's really too bad that she's not the main character. I think the show would have been so much more interesting if that had been the case.

(*Warning for possible spoilers though, really, can’t be all that much at all. Don’t know much ‘bout this anime yet)

Takeshi Nanase

  • This guy is unfortunately the main character
  • So far, I can’t say that I like him
  • I like his weapon/ability though. I want to know more about it
  • His character/personality seems pretty bland and boring, so far. There isn’t really anything that’s outstanding about him
  • I kind of wanted him to die when he was fighting with Gekkou. Obviously, he didn’t croak it ‘cause he’s the main chara. Meh. Too bad, huh?
  • He also apparently tried to kill his brother 
  • Am curious about that, but, if he really did, he’d better have a good reason as to why he tried to do something like that

Kurumi Isoshima, magical warfare, mahou sensou, anime
Why is Kurumi Isoshima in love with Takeshi Nanase?

Kurumi Isoshima

  • She’s clearly one of the possible love interests of Takeshi
  • She’s apparently going to a magic school, just like Takeshi, but I have to wonder if this girl can even do magic
  • I don’t like how passive she is
  • I saw this scene where she pretty much just stood around, screaming and basically doing nothing while Takeshi got beat up by his brother
  • Then, she gets herself captured and- man, that scene was just bad, overall.
  • I mean, like, if she goes to a magic school, shouldn’t that mean that she knows how to do magic? 
  • So, why didn’t she use magic to protect herself and help Takeshi?
  • Why’d she just stand there doing nothing? If she can’t protect her friend by herself, then why didn’t she go and get help?
  • It’s no wonder that she got herself captured
  • Ugh, that scene just seems so contrived

mahou sensou, magical warfare, anime, mui aiba, takeshi nanase
Mui Aiba has a pretty cool weapon

Mui Aiba

  • Another love interest for Takeshi. Now, I really gotta wonder just what in the world is so special about the show's main chara that he gets 2 love interests
  • Can’t say much about this girl yet
  • But, so far, I’ve to say that I like her better than Kurumi because she’s not passive
  • I saw that scene where she tried to defend herself while their magic school (it’s called Subaru Magic Academy, not Hogwarts. LOL) was being attacked. That was pretty cool

Tsuganashi Aiba

  • This guy is apparently Mui’s older brother
  • Don’t know much about him yet, but I like him already
  • I saw that scene where he came to help out his sister when she was in trouble
  • That was very nice of him
  • And his ability or whatever it is that he did when he was helping out Mui seems pretty cool too

Kazumi Ida

  • Don’t know much about this guy yet
  • But I like how he clearly cares about his little sister and how he was so worried about her

Momoka Shijou

  • When I first saw her, I thought she was one of the students in the magic school
  • But, apparently, she’s actually the headmistress of said school. Whoah, right? Can you believe it?
  • I was talking about Momoka when I mentioned the character from Mahou Sensou who really impressed me so far and who I wish was the main character
  • I got to see this scene where she was up against 3 people and she managed to defeat them without breaking a sweat
  • Her weapon looks really cool too. I want to know more about it and her ability
  • So far, I like her character and want to know more about her 
  • It’s too bad that she’s not the main chara because she is really quite interesting

Gekkou Nanase

  • He’s Takeshi’s younger brother
  • He hates said brother
  • I find his weapon/ability interesting and want to see and know more about it
  • I find him more interesting than his brother
  • I was rooting for him to win during his fight against Takeshi
  • I didn’t like how he tried to capture Kurumi, but, then again, considering how she basically just stood there and did practically nothing at all, I guess it’s only to be expected
  • I want to know why he didn’t kill Takeshi even though he could have (well, aside from the reason that, unfortunately, Takeshi’s the main chara). Is it because they’re brothers?

So, what about you? What do you think about the characters of Magical Warfare / Mahou Sensou? What do you like about them? What do you hate about them?

Side note: yeah, haven’t finished watching this anime yet, but I’ve no problems with spoilers. So, feel free to reveal relevant and not-so-relevant plot points or whatever.

But, as a courtesy to those who may not want spoilers, kindly tell people if your comment/note/message/etc includes spoilers. Thanks :-).

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