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What's So Interesting About Vanilla Ice And Robin From Sugar Sugar Rune?

Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Also known as "Thoughts on Vanilla Ice and Robin from Sugar Sugar Rune".

Vanilla Mieux / Ice and Robin are characters from the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno. What can we say about these 2 characters? Are they likable or not?

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Sugar Sugar Rune, but, so far, I’m really liking both Rockin' Robin and Vanilla Ice. They both appear to be likable and nice characters.

anime, manga, sugar sugar rune, moyoco anno, vanilla mieux, ice, Chocolat Meilleure, Kato
I find Vanilla a much more likable character than
Chocolat. Too bad she's not the main character in Sugar Sugar Rune

Why Robin is better than Pierre?

Robin seems like a really fun character and I’m interested in seeing more of him. So far, he hasn’t really done anything to make me dislike him.

He’s pretty cool without coming across as way too perfect unlike a certain Gary Stu (*cough*   Pierre Tempête de Neige *cough*).

anime, manga, sugar sugar rune, moyoco anno, vanilla mieux, ice, Chocolat Meilleure, Kato, robin
Rockin' Robin is way cooler than Pierre because he's
not being treated like he's perfect, like he's a god

I mean, there are people who like Rockin' Robin and think he’s cool, but they’re not like Pierre’s fans who go on about how perfect he is, how he can do all these things, how handsome he is, etc, which just comes across as way too annoying and ridiculous especially since, surprise, surprise, naturally, Pierre really is all those things. He’s too perfect (eye-roll).

What to like about Vanilla Ice?

As for Vanilla Mieux- she’s very shy, but she’s also very nice and kind. I like her and her personality, her character, how she’s gentle and sweet. You can see how she’s a really good friend, how supportive she is, how she tries to fit in with the humans, etc.

anime, manga, sugar sugar rune, moyoco anno, vanilla mieux, ice, Chocolat Meilleure, Kato
Vanilla may be shy, but she's got a nice personality
and character unlike annoying Chocolat

TBH, I wish she was the main character in this show instead of Chocolat Meilleure / Kato. I mean, isn’t it kind of irritating how the main characters are usually always the redheads and they all have fiery personalities?

I mean, can’t we have something new? It would have been interesting to have shy and sweet Vanilla as the main character, right? We could have seen her grow up, try to overcome her shyness and win against all odds, etc. What do you think?

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