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Rin (Inuyasha) Versus Tohsaka (Fate / Stay Night)

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Inuyasha and Fate / Stay Night are anime and manga series. Inu-Yasha or Inuyasha was created by Rumiko Takahashi. It's a story about a high school girl who falls into a well and ends up in the past. She meets a half-demon and the 2 eventually go on a journey to locate the shards of a very powerful magical jewel before it can cause trouble.

Fate / Stay Night was created by Type-Moon. It was originally a visual novel game. It is about a tournament known as the Fifth Holy Grail War. The participants of this competition are known as Masters and they can call on historical heroes and figures from the past (who will be known as Servants) to help them fight and win. Whoever wins can have their wish granted by the Holy Grail.
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What the 2 series have in common?

One thing that the 2 aforementioned series have in common is how they each have a character who have the same first name. The name in question is "Rin" and the 2 characters are Rin Tohsaka (or Tousaka) from Fate / Stay Night and Rin from Inuyasha. Both may be female, but they are highly different, not just in terms of their age, but also in their personalities.

Rin from Inuyasha

Note that Inuyasha’s Rin does not have a last name. She is an 8-year old orphan whose entire family was murdered by thieves. Due to this incident, she lost her voice and never spoke to anyone until certain events happened that got her talking again.
Now, she is a happy, cheerful and talkative person who really looks up to Sesshōmaru, the older half-brother of Inuyasha, the main character of the series, and a very powerful demon who can be quite cold and ruthless. However, he does care about Rin, considering his actions such as how he does his best to protect her and even lets her travel with him.

Rin Tohsaka from Fate / Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka is a high school student and one of the main characters of Fate / Stay Night. She is part of the Fifth Holy Grail War and is the Master of Archer, her Servant. She comes across as a stern person with a serious personality.
She’s not one to joke or play around. She always appears composed. She is also a capable and pretty powerful person. Her magical abilities include using spells and jewels.
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Your favorite Rin

So, what’s your opinion on these characters? Which one is your favorite? Know another Rin or like another one who isn't mentioned here? Feel free to tell us about this character. Mention their name and the series they're from in the comments section below.

Aside: this post is part of the Names Series, a series of short articles intended to showcase some characters who just happen to share the same name even though they’re from different shows and series.

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