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Reasons To Like Fenris Fenrir (Ragnarok Manhwa)

Thursday, January 23, 2014
fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
Fenris Fenrir is one of the main characters of the Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa. What do you think about her?

Just what are some of the cool, awesome and great things about this woman that make her such a likable person? Actually, IMHO, Fenris Fenrir is one of the coolest and most likable characters in this graphic novel.

She was the very first person that we, the readers, are introduced to, when we first read the comic, so it wasn't hard to see her or think of her as the protagonist or the main character.

I wouldn't mind that being the case at all, really, but, honestly, in the beginning when she first showed up, I didn't care much for her. This was largely because I knew nothing about her then and the beginning of the graphic novel was confusing enough as it was since we had no idea who the woman that showed up first was.
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir
We didn't even know what she was up to, what she was doing, why she was doing whatever she was doing or where she currently is. Basically, since we knew next to nothing about her, it was hard to care about her. But, as the manhwa progressed further and we got see and know more about Fenris Fenrir, I found that I really ended up liking her character and personality.

In short, she's really very cool and awesome. She's a serious character who isn't childish at all. She's level-headed. She's never rash or reckless. She's also smart and intelligent and isn't one to make crazy or weird decisions (let's not talk about the one time she wasn't cool since this post already discusses that issue).

She never comes across as annoying or irritating as a character (definitely nothing at all like the annoying, childish and immature Iris Irine). Let's now take a look at some of the instances which can show exactly how cool and awesome this woman is.

Chapter 31 of Volume 4 is an example of a scene, which really demonstrates how perceptive and observant Fenrir is. In this particular chapter, she noted that there was something strange about Loki and she also wondered why the guy kept asking what Chaos' name was.

loki, chaos, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
This is, indeed, something to wonder about. Does Loki want to confirm if he found the right target?

That's pretty plausible except if that was the case and he wasn't sure that he'd really found his target, then why did he start attacking right away?

What if he actually got the wrong person and ended up killing said person because he didn't wait for an answer to his question, because he didn't stop to confirm if he had the right target?

In Chapter 32 of the same volume, Fenris shows how smart and intelligent she is by telling us, the readers, and the other characters (Chaos and Iris Irine) who don't know about this, that the symbol (which means rain) on the back of the main protagonist's shirt is also the sign of the ancient Dragon Knights.

Chapter 39 of Volume 5 allows us to see the woman as the voice of reason and as one who isn't wont to make rash and reckless decisions. She shows this by stopping Chaos from fighting against the guards and soldiers that had arrived to break up the fight between our resident main character, Loki and Skurai.

chaos, skurai, loki, manhwa, ragnarok: into the abyss
The 46th chapter of the fifth volume helpfully reiterates just how awesome and knowledgeable Fenris is by illustrating how she knows so much about Ymir's Heart even when the other characters were rather clueless about this topic.

She's also a very formidable and strong fighter as demonstrated by Volume 6 wherein she successfully recreated Bijou's spell that had been thrown at her (of course, this is if we ignore just how crazy the magic system is. I mean, how can she do that?).

Anyway, she was also the one who was able to figure out how to get rid of Bijou's troll in the same volume. Do you think that Fenris Fenrir is indeed awesome and cool? What can you say about her?

- Image with added text was modified by Freya Yuki based on the image by Rusembell (CC:BY) from deviantArt
- Said image is meant to represent Fenris Fenrir since the figure looks cool and awesome while the wolf can also symbolize Fenris who is actually the wolf god in Norse Mythology
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