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1 Time Fenris Fenrir Is Not Cool (Ragnarok Manhwa)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014
chaos, fenris fenrir, balder, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, ooc, out of character
Alternate titles for this post include: "Chaos' moment of brilliance" and "the one time Fenris Fenrir is out of character".

Fenris, a character from the Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa, is generally cool and awesome, but what is the one time in which we can say that she was uncool?

Do you like Fenris Fenrir? She's actually one of the characters that I like best in this graphic novel. There are many reasons why I like her and find her to be a great and respectable character. I talk more about that in this post.

This one focuses on the one time I didn't exactly like her and wherein I thought she was acting out of character. When did this happen and what exactly happened?
fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, ooc, out of character
In Chapter 7 of Volume 2 of the manhwa, Fenris Fenrir finally finds the reincarnation of Balder who turns out to be the character called Chaos (though, really, it seemed that everyone knew this fact already way before it had even been revealed).

Anyway, so she finds Chaos and tells him about his past life as Balder. In Chapter 8 of the same volume, she adds that they have to find Balder's true form and combine Chaos' soul to it though how exactly this works, we never find out because the guy interrupts her explanations.

I'm inclined to be a bit miffed about that actually since it would have been nice if we could get a decent explanation on what exactly is going on in this comic (like regarding the past lives of these two and what happened a thousand years ago. The sad thing is we never get satisfactory answers about that. It's all just a confusing mess), but, considering Chaos was actually being sensible, logical and smart right now, I suppose we can let this go for now.

So what exactly did the resident main character do and say, after being told that he was actually a god in his past life, that could be considered a perfectly valid and reasonable reaction?

First of all, he didn't believe any of what he just heard and I applaud him for that because, really, who would believe some girl they just met for the very first time telling them such extraordinarily unbelievable things? It was definitely right for him to ask for further explanations about this as well as proof that the woman's words were absolutely and completely true.

In this instance, Chaos is certainly a very likable character and that's saying something since I dither between liking him and not exactly liking him (like, what's so special about him anyway? And I hate how it seems like he's being paired with Iris Irine since she's not a likable character what with being immature, childish and annoying pretty much all the time. Sometimes, I really wish Fenris had been the main character instead. She would have been far more interesting).

balder, god, chaos, fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
Now that the graphic novel's protagonist has just asked for evidence, what do you think Fenris did? What was the ideal and right thing that she should have done?

She should have extensively explained everything to the hero and allowed us readers to be privy to this explanation (a flashback is optional, but highly appreciated and recommended).

She should have told him stories about his past life as a god, their experiences together, what really happened a thousand years ago, etc.

As proof, she should have given him Guarding Wind, the sword that was Balder's and is now supposed to be Chaos' since he is the reincarnation of said god. It would have fit the woman's character and personality if she did these things because we've known her to be a pretty intelligent and highly capable person.

So how can anyone explain why she ended up giving such a crazy and unacceptable answer to Chaos when the latter asked her for proof? It's no wonder that the guy didn't believe her. Who would believe her if she told them something like that and didn't bother to give sufficient evidence to back up her claims?

It was like she wasn't herself at all because, really, after we've seen how Fenrir searched for Balder's reincarnation and how determined she was to find him and how she knew many different things (like that weird spell thing she used to find said god), how could she just mess up and give such a lousy answer to one easy question?

Seriously, even just handing Guarding Wind over to the main character should have helped a bit, like maybe the protagonist will feel a connection with the sword or something like that and yet she didn't do this at all. Why not (another question should probably be where did the weapon disappear to)? Don't you find it frustrating how she gave such a weird answer to Chaos?

The scene was probably meant to be amusing and even funny, but since we've known the woman to be a sensible and intelligent person, it just made me ask what could be wrong with her because she shouldn't have been saying things like that.

Well, thankfully, it doesn't look like there are other moments of Fenris Fenrir being uncool and seemingly out of character. But what do you think of this particular scene? Do you think she was being out of character here?

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