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Why Does Fenris Fenrir Like Chaos (Ragnarok Manhwa)?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
fenris fenrir, balder, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
This post is also known as, "What is Fenris Fenrir's relationship with Balder?" From reading Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa, we know that she apparently likes Chaos. But do we ever get a reason as to why this is so?

Chaos, the resident main character of this comic, is the reincarnation of the god Balder, so, if Fenris likes Balder, then it stands to reason that she would like Chaos as well.

The main summary of the very first volume of the graphic novel tells us that she is searching for Balder's reincarnation because he is apparently the key to making sure that Ragnarok happens. It makes it sound like a great part of the manhwa will be devoted to Fenris Fenrir and her search for Chaos except that's not true at all because she and the main character soon meet up and she didn't seem to have had that much of a problem trying to find Balder's reincarnation.

In this regard, the comic's summary could be said to be quite is definitely misleading. Honestly, I think that scenario could have been very interesting especially since Fenris is one of the better characters in this series (yes, way better than Chaos. It's really too bad that she isn't the main protagonist of this story).
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, balder, chaos
Another thing to ask about the summary is why is it Fenris' job to search for Chaos? Why couldn't this task be entrusted to someone else? Was it necessary that she be the one to look for Balder? For instance, couldn't the Norns, or even his mother Frigg, be the one to tell the protagonist all about his destiny and the task that lies before him?

After all, both Frigg and Skuld (one of the 3 Norns, specifically the Norn of the future) appeared before Chaos to tell him things and neither seemed to have any problems in doing so. It thus stands to reason that either of them could have been the one to tell the main character about his past life as a god.

The reason that Fenrir was the one who went in search of Balder could very well be because she apparently likes him. We can see an implication of this in Volume 2, Chapter 7, wherein Fenris and Chaos finally meet up and we see her hugging the latter and even crying.

This is where readers begin to wonder as to the past relationship between the 2. It's quite interesting to think and wonder about the possibility of them being lovers in the past. However, unfortunately, it seems that this is all that we will get in terms of being shown about their relationship.

chaos, fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
Later volumes appear to indicate that Fenris likes the protagonist though we are never given any reason as to why this is so. What is so likable about Chaos? Why does she like him so much?

What is it about his character and his personality that makes him so dear to the woman? We don't know because the graphic novel says nothing about this. It looks like we're just expected to believe that the woman likes the hero and that's that.

After all, we don't even get a flashback as to what happened a thousand years ago, which could indicate the reason why our female protagonist likes the main character so much.

This can be quite disappointing. However, what might be more disappointing is how we are told (told, instead of shown and not even in the manhwa proper itself) in one of the extras in Volume 6 (where we get a preview of her unwanted and unexplained makeover) how Fenris Fenrir's love for Balder is actually unrequited.

We are even told how tragic this is and how she ended up sacrificing her life for Balder before (not that we ever get an explanation as to how that came about). Say what? Do you think that's believable? We don't even know what she likes about him. But, if he doesn't like her, then why does she still like him so much?

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, chaos, fenris fenrir
This brings us back to the reason why Fenris Fenrir went in search of Balder. It's easy to see why she would do this if she likes Chaos and he likes her back.

But if her love is unrequited, then it's harder to see why she would bother looking for him. Why would she do that if she'll just get hurt again?

Furthermore, wouldn't it have been more interesting if it had turned out that she and Balder were actually together in the past?

This can be a good reason as to why she would go looking for the god's reincarnation as she would want to help him remember their past together and regain his lost memories.

As it is, it sounds like the only reason Chaos apparently doesn't like Fenris is so he could choose Iris Irine over her, which is unfortunate because Iris comes across as an annoying nuisance pretty much a lot of the time. What do you think?

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