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Questions And Trivia About Fenris Fenrir (Ragnarok Manhwa)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014
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Fenris Fenrir is a character from Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa. She is a very likable person that can also be said to be cool and awesome. What are some of the questions that we can ask about her and what trivia is there about her?

If you've read or been reading the aforementioned comic, then you might have heard that it is actually loosely (this is definitely an understatement) based on Norse Mythology.

Did you know that there is a figure or being in Norse Mythology known as Fenris Fenrir? The two characters might share the same name, but they're both very, very different.
fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
For starters, the Fenris in the graphic novel is a woman whilst the one in Norse Mythology is actually a male wolf. This wolf is the son of Loki and is actually considered to be an evil, but very powerful, monster.

It has been said that, when Ragnarok (the end of the world) comes, he will kill Odin (the king of the Norse gods) and even swallow the sun. Thankfully, Odin's death will be avenged by his son, Vidar, who will destroy Fenrir. Until that time comes though, he is tightly bound by an unbreakable cord made by the dwarfs. As you can see, the 2 figures are highly different from each other.

This is why those who know about the wolf in Norse Mythology, were no doubt highly surprised and astonished to find out that the likable, cool and awesome woman we met at the beginning of the manhwa actually turned out to be named Fenris Fenrir. It's only natural that there will be many questions about this revelation, foremost of which is why she is a woman and not a male or a wolf?

If this is because the comic is only loosely based on Norse Mythology, then said comic really should have said so. As it is, we get no explanations whatsoever and we just have to go with the apparent fact that the Fenris in the graphic novel is not evil and is actually a very nice and kind woman. These aren't the only questions that we can ask about her though.

balder, fenris fenrir, chaos, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
For instance, in Volume 1, Chapter 4, we find out that her memories have been sealed. With this revelation, don't you wonder what she could have been doing before she suddenly remembered all about her past memories?

Furthermore, how did her memories get unsealed in the first place? How did she suddenly remember about Balder and her past life? And where did she get the money to buy the Prophecy Medallion that she intended to use to locate Chaos?

What was her job before she began searching for Balder? And, if this medallion can help her find the main character, then why did Arkana say that she wandered around until she remembered Balder's Temple?

Shouldn't the magic trinket be able to tell her about this temple or something? After she did the weird spell or ritual thing using Balder's sword, does she remember all of her memories and her past now?

Unfortunately for us, none of these intriguing and interesting questions are ever answered. It looks like we just have to forget these or just not think about these things. It's really rather frustrating, isn't it?

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, sara irine
Let's just move on to Volume 2, Chapter 10 before we get any more displeased about this.

In the aforementioned volume and chapter, we see that Fenris Fenrir and Chaos have met up with Iris Irine whilst Sara Irine is busy attacking the city of Fayon.

Fenrir says that none of them are strong enough to take on Sara, which is really quite confusing because she herself had confronted the Valkyrie way back in Volume 1 and she didn't seem to have had any problems at all.

She was able to get away from Sara's clutches and was even able to destroy the Frost Giants that accompanied said Valkyrie. As expected, we don't get any explanations regarding this matter as we just move on to Chapter 12 of the same volume wherein things become even more puzzling.

sara irine, iris irine, fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
This is because of Fenris' seeming disappearance. Those who've read this particular chapter might have noticed that Fenrir isn't being shown right now even though she was with Chaos and the others when Sara ensured that they would all be unable to move.

However, at this point, the only ones we see talking are Lidia, Chaos and Iris. It seems as if Fenris just suddenly disappeared. But where could she be?

Why did she disappear? If she's still there, then why isn't she saying anything? Why isn't she participating in the conversation?

Sigh. No, none of this is ever explained, and, a few pages or so later, we see Fenris again as if she'd never disappeared except she certainly did.

Volume 8 of the manhwa brings us yet something else to ask about Fenrir and this time it's about the Irine sisters, Iris and Sara. We've known this fact (that the aforementioned women are half-sisters) since Volume 2 and Fenris herself should have known about this too.

Remember way back in volume 2 when she saw Iris for the very first time? She noticed right away that Iris looked familiar and she thus recognized her as being related to Sara. The question now is why she is being shown to be surprised to find out that the 2 are sisters when we get to Volume 8? She should already know this. This shouldn't be news to her.

What do you think are the possible answers to all of these questions? What other questions do you want to ask about Fenris Fenrir?

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