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Mou Nakanaide Ranma 1/2 Song Quote Analysis

Thursday, August 04, 2016
“Cheer up and don’t cry anymore. Once tomorrow comes, everything will change.”
- Mou Nakanaide (song from Ranma ½)

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The above quote is part of the lyrics of the song entitled "Mou Nakanaide." The title means "Don’t Cry Anymore."

It's the 6th opening theme song from the Ranma ½ anime and manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. It was sung by Senou Azusa.

Ranma ½ is a comedy starring a lot of characters with complicated relationships. The main protagonist is Ranma Saotome who ends up falling into a cursed spring (called Jusenkyo), which causes him to turn into a girl whenever he is drenched in cold water.

This particular quote from the Mou Nakanaide song seems pretty inspiring at first and that is true, but, it’s also true that this phrase can be quite depressing when you really look at it. It’s inspiring because, don’t we all want someone to be there for us?

Don’t we all want someone to tell us to cheer up and not cry anymore? Don’t we want someone to reassure us and tell us that everything will be okay, that things will get better? We all want a shoulder to cry on, right?

We all want someone that we can talk to, someone who understands us and someone who will listen to us and be there for us.

The quote also comes across as hopeful with the second sentence.

It’s a sign of reassurance that we shouldn’t give up, that we should continue moving and fighting because, when tomorrow comes, things can get better, things can change.

But the entire quote from the Ranma ½ song can be depressing too and it’s not just because of the word “cry.” It’s because, if someone is telling you to cheer up and stop crying, that means that you’re feeling really sad and down, right?

ranma 1/2, anime, manga, ranma saotome
It means you’re feeling depressed and that you’re experiencing a lot of worries and problems.

Maybe, you might even feel like giving up already. Maybe you feel like it’s no use to keep on fighting and that nothing ever comes of your efforts anyway, so you might as well just end it all.

And that’s a reason why someone would want to tell you these words from Mou Nakanaide. If you weren’t feeling sad and depressed, if you’re not already crying your eyes and heart out, then no one would need to say these words to you, right?

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