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1 Thing To Hate About Sugar Sugar Rune

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Sugar Sugar Rune is an anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno. From the title itself, you can already tell that this is a shoujo-type show that's aimed for girls. Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. So, what's the problem with this anime then? What's there to hate about it?

Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, anime, manga, moyoco anno, sugar sugar rune
The answer to that question can be summed up in three words: magical transformation sequence.

Yep, this is one of those shows that's all about magic and fantasy. While I love the genre, I could definitely do without the magical transformation sequences.

For one thing, these scenes are completely pointless and useless. Seeing Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, the main characters in Sugar Sugar Rune, transform once is already more than enough.

Who needs to see them transform into their witch outfits again and again each and every episode? What's worse is the fact that there are a lot of episodes when these 2 witches transform more than once.

Their transformation sequence may be short, but if they have to do it more than once per episode, it doesn't make it any less annoying, not to mention a complete waste of time.

Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, moyoco anno, anime, manga, sugar sugar rune
The whole thing doesn't even make sense. Why? It's 'cause Chocolat and Vanilla are the only ones we see having to transform to use their magic.

We've seen other magical people in the Human World, like Rockin' Robin, and yet none of them have to change their outfits in order to cast spells.

So, what's up with that? At least, be consistent, right? What do you think about this issue? I talk more about this problem in this post here on Soyuz Mir.

I'd have moved this one here on Anime Archives (Anime Meta) too, but it's already got some comments and notes on Tumblr, so I decided to keep it there indefinitely. I'm mentioning it here for reference as the rest of the anime posts on there will eventually be moved here.

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