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This Will Make You Hate The Sugar Sugar Rune Ohayou Scene

Sunday, February 05, 2017
Also known as, "Problems with the Pierre and Chocolat good morning scene in Sugar Sugar Rune episode 2."

In episode 2 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno, there’s a scene where Pierre Tempête de Neige, the main male character, apparently says "ohayou / ohayo / good morning" to Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, the main female character. What’s wrong with this scene?

Pierre Tempête de Neige, Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, anime, manga, sugar sugar rune, moyoco anno
What's so special about Chocolat that Pierre only has eyes for her?

(*Warning for possible spoilers for said show)

Did Pierre really say "ohayou" to Chocolat?

You know, in that scene, everyone readily assumes that Pierre said "good morning" to Chocolat and even the narrative itself wants us to believe that, but I honestly don’t see why this has to automatically be the case.

I mean, in that scene, Chocolat and Vanilla Mieux / Ice were standing next to each other and they were facing these 3 girls who were telling them all about what a Gary Stu Pierre is.

Pierre Tempête de Neige, Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, Vanilla Mieux / Ice, sugar sugar rune, anime, manga, moyoco anno
Pierre could have been saying "good morning" to Vanilla and the other girls, NOT just Kato

Then, we see Pierre walking behind them and he passes by Vanilla first and then Chocolat.

He says “good morning” as he passes by, so, really, it can be seen that he was saying those words to all of the girls he was passing by and not just to Chocolat.

What's so special about Chocolat that she's the only one Pierre notices?

Seriously, why does the main female character have to be so special (other than unfortunately being the main character) that she’s the only one that the main male character will say good morning to?

This really annoys me because, seriously, why does it have to be Chocolat Kato?

Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, Pierre Tempête de Neige, sugar sugar rune, anime, manga, moyoco anno
Chocolat is such a Mary Sue. Why does she have to be the only one that
Pierre will talk to when they hardly even know each other?

And I feel bad for all those other girls because they’re the ones who like Pierre and Chocolat claims not to like him, so it’s annoying how she’s the one who apparently got the greeting.

Chocolat is a Mary Sue

In this scene, Chocolat seems like a total Mary Sue because, apparently, she’s the only one who’s so special that Pierre has to say good morning to her even though they don’t really actually know each other and they barely said more than a few words to each other.

Oh, hey, look, Gary Stu and Mary Sue. Hmm, maybe this is a match made in heaven after all. Maybe they are meant to be. LOL. What do you think?

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