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1 Of The Most Pointless Things About Sugar Sugar Rune

Friday, February 17, 2017
It's not just pointless. It's also annoying, not to mention a complete and total waste of time. What am I talking about?

Well, first, Sugar Sugar Rune is an anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno. There's a whole lot of things to like and dislike about it, but this particular post will focus entirely on the transformation scenes / sequences that is prevalent in the show.

Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, anime, manga, sugar sugar rune, moyoco anno
Chocolat and Vanilla's magical witch outfits may be
cute and nice, but that doesn't mean they're not completely and utterly pointless

Who hates these transformation sequences? The first few times are a-okay, so we can see how the main characters transform.

But if we have to see the same sequence each and every time they transform, well, that gets tiring and boring fast, doesn’t it?

I mean, we’ve already seen it, so it’s not that interesting anymore and it’s just a waste of time. I thought it was nice that we didn’t have to see the entire transformation sequence of Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, at least in episode 2 of the anime.

She quickly transformed, and, while I like that, what I don’t like is how they wasted so much time with how long it took for her to get her magic wand.

Seriously, what’s with all the attention to her wand and all the twirling and stuff? What a complete and total waste of time. Ugh.

We may not have seen her entire transformation sequence, but we still wasted a lot of time anyway. How utterly pointless.

Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, sugar sugar rune, anime, manga, moyoco anno
Is it really necessary for us to see Chocolat and
Vanilla's magical transformation sequence in every episode of Sugar Sugar Rune?

The really annoying thing is the fact that this isn't an isolated case. This kind of useless and pointless scene happens in pretty much all the episodes of Sugar Sugar Rune.

Every single time, we have to see Chocolat and even her best friend, Vanilla Mieux / Ice, transform into their magical witch outfits. If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times. Give it a break already. Ugh.

What's worse is how there are episodes wherein the 2 would transform several times because they transform every time they have to use their magic.

That's just lame, you know, because why do they have to transform every time they have to use their magic?

To add insult to injury, this kind of thing only happens with Chocolat and Vanilla. There are other magical people in the world of Sugar Sugar Rune, but none of these people have to undergo long, annoying, pointless, and useless magical transformation sequences just to use their magic powers.

So, why is it only different with the 2 main characters? The show can't even get the mechanics of their magic system right. If the main charas need to transform to use their magic, everyone else with magic should follow the same principles.

So, what do you think? Do you hate transformation sequences too? Or can you tolerate them?

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