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What's Wrong With Chocolat Using The Magical Fortune-Telling Book In Sugar Sugar Rune?

Saturday, June 17, 2017
"Draw out your charm. The effort to draw out your own charm is something very important."
- Magical fortune-telling book in Sugar Sugar Rune anime

The above quote was said by a magical, talking fortune-telling book in episode 6 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno. What’s up with this quote?

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way now - the magical fortune-telling book in Sugar Sugar Rune is completely and utterly useless. Seriously, just look at the quote shown above.
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What is it even supposed to mean and how is it supposed to help Chocolat Meilleure / Kato who is worrying about having to beat Pierre Tempête de Neige in a fencing match so she can join the fencing club?

It’s important to make an effort, to try your best, to work hard - this is common sense, isn’t it? Chocolat doesn’t need some magic book to tell her what she should already know.

Of course, she needs to work hard and make an effort in actually learning how to fence so she has a chance against Pierre who is the captain of the fencing club.

Sheesh, what’s the use of having a magical fortune-telling book if it only tells you things you already know, if it doesn’t even really help you at all? What do you think?

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