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Why Duke And Blanca Shouldn't Have Pretended To Be Robin In Sugar Sugar Rune?

Sunday, June 11, 2017
In episode 5 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno, Duke and Blanca, familiars of the main characters, pretend to be someone they’re not. How come this isn’t funny at all and how come they shouldn’t have done that?

Mochizuki-sensei, the homeroom teacher of Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, the main characters, decides to visit their house to talk to Robin, their guardian.
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When she arrives inside the house, Rockin’ Robin isn’t there yet, so Kato and Ice have to entertain her and keep her company while waiting for their guardian to come home.

Unfortunately, they suffer a few mishaps in the form of their familiars. Mochizuki ends up seeing Duke, the frog, and Blanca, the mouse, talking when they’re not supposed to be able to. Naturally, she freaks out.

Vanilla and Chocolat hasten to get their familiars out of their teacher’s sight. They then reassure her that she was just seeing things and that there is definitely nothing magical going on in their house.

While Vanilla is busy keeping their homeroom teacher company, Chocolat goes to talk to their familiars, ordering them to stay out of sight so as not to get their sensei suspicious.

Kato then gets it into her head that it’s a good idea for a frog and mouse to pretend to be Robin. She gets them to transform into the likeness of Robin. They show up to talk to Mochizuki. As you can expect, it doesn’t go well at all.
Anime, Reviews, Sugar Sugar Rune, Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Mieux, Chocolat Kato, Chocolat Meilleure, Rockin' Robin, Mochizuki-sensei, manga, moyoco anno, duke, blanca, familiar
Duke, being a frog, adds “kero” at the end of everything he says. For Blanca, being a mouse, it’s “chu”. Blanca, being Vanilla’s familiar, is extremely loyal to her, so, as Robin, she tells Mochizuki all about Ice’s skills, prowess and talents while belittling Kato.

For Duke, being Chocolat’s familiar, it’s the other way around. Naturally, their teacher gets very confused. At one point, she ends up seeing 2 Robins then 3 when the real one finally shows up. So, the question now is, why was this entire incident necessary?

Why did Duke and Blanca have to pretend to be Robin to keep Mochizuki entertained? This is completely pointless, stupid and silly. Why? It’s because the familiars have been taken out of the room already.

They were far away from the teacher already and they were no longer causing trouble. They’d already been told to stay out of sight, so that should be the end of that. After making sure that Duke and Blanca were safely out of the way, Chocolat should have returned to the living room to join Vanilla and Mochizuki-sensei.

Then the 3 of them could have chatted while they waited for Robin to show up. There was no point to having the familiars pretend to be Robin. What’s with having to wait a few more minutes for Rockin’ Robin to show up?

It wasn’t like he couldn’t make it; he was just a little bit late. Plus, with how much Mochizuki likes him, it’s obvious that she’d be willing to wait for him even if it took him hours to show up.

In short, having the animals pretend to be Rockin’ Robin just made things worse and was nothing but a complete waste of time. Actually, the entire episode was pretty much a complete waste of time. It was total filler, nothing more. What do you think?

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