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How Does Love Work In Sugar Sugar Rune?

Sunday, July 09, 2017
In episode 6 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno, we find out more about the code of the Magical World. But everything is still really confusing. Exactly how does love work in this show? What’s so confusing about all this?

The code of the Magical World states that:

“The heart is yours to take. But you must not allow your own to be taken.”

Sugar Sugar Rune episode 6 seems to imply that this code refers particularly to humans, meaning that magical people are apparently not allowed to fall in love with humans. But why not? What’s wrong with magical people and humans falling in love?
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I mean, humans don’t have magic, so they can’t get hearts in the way that Chocolat Meilleure / Kato and Vanilla Mieux / Ice, the main characters, and all the other magical people can get the hearts of humans. So, how can the hearts of the magical people be taken then?

And what’s wrong with having their hearts taken? From what we’ve seen so far with the humans, nothing bad happens to them even when their hearts are taken. They just lose the feelings that came with their hearts. But it seems that magical people can keep inducing those feelings on the same person over and over again. Is that right or what?

So, with all that said, exactly what happens when a magical person falls in love with a human and why is that so bad? Why is that so bad that it’s not allowed and that it’s apparently a crime with a hefty punishment? What do you think?

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