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Why Vanilla Ice Should Have Been The Main Character In Sugar Sugar Rune?

Monday, July 31, 2017
This post is also known as, "Reasons why Vanilla is a great friend."

Episode 6 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime and manga series by Moyoco Anno proves just how much of a great and good friend Vanilla Mieux / Ice is and why anyone would want her to be their best friend. Why is that? How did Ice prove that she’s a true, reliable and devoted friend?
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Episode 6 of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime

In Sugar Sugar Rune episode 6, Chocolat and Vanilla end up agreeing to a fencing match against Pierre so that they could join the fencing club (Pierre’s the captain of said club). This epi really goes out of its way to show us various reasons to like and love Ice and maybe even make you wish that she was the main character instead of her brash best friend.

Why Vanilla is a supportive friend?

Vanilla’s the shy and gentle type, so it’s easy to see that she is NOT into fencing. And yet she still goes with Chocolat Meilleure / Kato to join the fencing club anyway. She is such a supportive friend, readily standing beside Kato when the latter is talking to Pierre about joining the club. She even agrees to team up with her best friend so they have a chance of winning against Pierre Tempête de Neige.
Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, sugar sugar rune, anime, manga, moyoco anno, Pierre Tempête de Neige
This is nothing short of admirable because, here, we can see Vanilla going out of her comfort zone and doing something she normally wouldn’t do and isn’t even interested in all for the sake of her friend. Blanca, her mouse familiar, tells her to just forfeit, but she refuses, saying, "There’s no way Chocolat-chan could win against Pierre alone.”

How Vanilla proves she's a true best friend to Chocolat?

Chocolat herself reiterates just how much of a good friend Vanilla is by being surprised when, in a later scene, Vanilla says that she’ll head home first since Kato has cleaning duty. "That’s weird. She’s always waited for me,” Chocolat says. She then thinks that maybe her best friend went ahead because somebody wanted to confess their feelings to her and she went to take that person’s heart.

But, as it turns out, the real reason Vanilla went home early was so that she could practice her fencing skills. "You went on home ahead of me so you could practice?” Chocolat says.

Not only is that really sweet of Vanilla to do, it also really says a lot about her character and what kind of person and friend she is. I mean, just consider this entire fencing fiasco. Chocolat Kato is the one who wants to:

  • Learn how to fence
  • Join the fencing club

Vanilla may be helping Kato, but it’s a given that the latter will be the one to get all the hearts since she’s talking about putting on a good show. This is beyond kind of Ice- to help her rival get hearts, to learn fencing just to give them a shot at winning and all without expecting anything in return.

Why Vanilla should have been the main character instead of Chocolat?

And, see here, Vanilla isn’t the one who wants to fence, but she’s the one who’s trying her best and practicing all the time. She even stays up all night to practice. She’s so dedicated, loyal, caring, sweet and kind and she’s just really good and why, oh why, can’t she be the main character instead?

I mean, Chocolat is the one who wants to fence, but she’s not taking things seriously at all. She’s not practicing like Vanilla Ice. She’s just slacking off. If she’d actually made an effort to learn and practice, she’d undoubtedly learn fencing in no time since she’s the brawny type, but, no, she decides to just sleep it all off and relax and have fun while her best friend toils away for her.
Vanilla Mieux / Ice, Chocolat Meilleure / Kato, sugar sugar rune, anime, manga, moyoco anno

Does Chocolat deserve to have Vanilla as a friend?

Since Vanilla is the one who’s practicing all the time and since Chocolat has done nothing but slack off, it’s no wonder that the former is the one to win their practice match. But Kato gets all upset about her loss and runs off.

You know what happens next? Vanilla has to run after her and apologize for winning. What in the world? Vanilla is like Duke (Kato’s familiar) is right, my win was just a fluke, but I wish it wasn’t, so "I wouldn’t be holding you back.”

Oh, Vanilla, you sweet person, you. If anyone’s holding anyone back, it’s definitely not you. You’re the one who’s been practicing all this time. Of course, you deserve to win and it’s not a fluke.

You know what else gets me? The fact that Vanilla is so concerned about holding her best friend back. She doesn’t really care about fencing and has no interest in joining the fencing club, but she wants to help Chocolat win and she doesn’t want to be a burden to her best friend. She knows she’s bad at things like fencing so she really tries her best and it’s all for Kato.

Chocolat should really be grateful for having such a loyal, dedicated and true friend. Someone tell me again why Vanilla isn’t the main character of Sugar Sugar Rune? Seriously, isn’t she awesome? What do you all think about this?

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