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Why Does Skurai Kidnap Iris Irine (Ragnarok Manhwa)?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, skurai, iris irine, chaos
What's wrong with having Skurai kidnap Iris Irine in Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa? Why would he want to do that anyway?

In Volume 9 of the graphic novel, Skurai captures Iris Irine, intending to use her as bait in order to fight Chaos.

So that's the entire reason why he decides to kidnap the girl. But the real question is why does Skurai have to do something like that just to fight Chaos?

Why does he need to resort to such a method just to challenge the main character?

Let's start from the beginning in order to understand why this just doesn't make sense and why it comes across as downright unbelievable.
skurai, iris irine, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
First of all, we are initially told that Skurai planned to have Loki and Chaos fight by blaming the destruction of the Assassins' Guild on the latter. When the main character was weakened after his fight with the assassin, the swordsman planned to step in to finish him off. Of course, we know that that's not exactly what happened.

Loki and Chaos did end up fighting, but, for some strange and unknown reason, Skurai decided it was a good idea to step in and join the fight. So much for not wanting to fight the protagonist head-on because the hero was apparently more powerful than him.

That would have been far more believable if the swordsman hadn't decided to interfere with the Loki and Chaos fight especially since we saw how capable Skurai was during that fight scene and how the resident hero himself wasn't exactly having an easy time.

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, loki, skurai, assassins' guild, chaos
The aforementioned fight scene shows us that the swordsman has absolutely no qualms in just confronting the main character and challenging him to a fight pretty much whenever he wants to.

As such, exactly what is the point of having to kidnap Iris just to pick a fight with Chaos? Why would Skurai need to do that when he could just go straight to wherever the protagonist is and challenge him to a fight?

Whether the main character will agree or not isn't the point here.

Even if the hero refuses to fight Skurai at first, if the swordsman keeps trying to attack him and hurt him, then obviously Chaos will have no choice but to fight back to defend and protect himself unless he wants to be defeated.

Besides, Chaos should have no problems in accepting Skurai's challenge and fighting with him since the swordsman was the one responsible for killing Peony Irine and many other citizens of Fayon.

chaos, skurai, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
As such, the whole 'kidnap Iris and use her as bait to fight Chaos' scene just comes across as contrived and convoluted.

In other words, it simply doesn't make sense because it shouldn't be necessary to do this at all.

It's like we're just being given false plot or drama or it could even be just another excuse for yet another long fight scene.

Do you think it was necessary for Skurai to have to capture Iris just so he could challenge Chaos to a fight or was this act completely pointless and useless?

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