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Chaos, Talk To Fenris Fenrir (Ragnarok Manhwa)

Sunday, March 09, 2014
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, chaos
This post is also known as "Chaos, why won't you talk to Fenris Fenrir?" and "What's so wrong with talking and asking questions?".

What are some of the many instances in Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa that can make you say these possible titles? What can be so frustrating and even annoying with the lack of conversation between Chaos and Fenris Fenrir?

From reading the graphic novel, we know that Chaos does not remember his past, that he's missing memories of his past life as the god Balder. We know that Fenris knows about Balder's past since she was also there with him 1000 years ago.

As such, the question now is why won't the resident main character of this comic talk to the woman who knows about his past? Why can't Chaos ask her to tell him about his past, to help him regain his memories, to explain exactly what happened a thousand years ago?
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, chaos
What's so wrong with having Chaos ask these perfectly valid questions? You'd think he would have been interested in knowing the answers to these questions because it's about his past, which he has forgotten.

Doesn't he want to remember any of this? And what about the readers? The readers also need to know about these things and yet the graphic novel doesn't seem to care about that at all because we still haven't gotten a clear explanation.

We don't even know what's wrong with Chaos and why he doesn't want to ask Fenrir questions about all of this. There were so many instances in the manhwa wherein we could have been shown a scene that had Chaos asking Fenris questions and having the latter answer everything in the form of a flashback.

For instance, when the two first met in Volume 2, all the explanations were glossed over instead of being stated clearly. All we got was an annoying summary that didn't even tell us much at all. Rather than demanding answers and asking all sorts of questions, Chaos does nothing of the sort and the scene soon ends in favor of focusing on Sara Irine trying to destroy the city of Fayon.

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, loki, chaos
Another scene in Volume 3 is even more frustrating than the aforementioned one. In this particular scene, we have Chaos and Fenris Fenrir talking alone before Frigg soon shows up.

Why didn't the protagonist take advantage of this opportunity and start asking Fenris all sorts of questions about his past, especially focusing on things that we, the readers, don't know yet?

Instead of getting satisfactory answers, all we got was a mere rehash of things that we already knew such as how Freya was the current ruler of Asgard.

The 2 also talked about Frigg being Balder's mother, but, considering the goddess soon shows up and could have explained all that herself, was it even necessary to talk about her? They could have talked about the many other things that needed to be explained.

Speaking of wasted opportunities, there's another scene like that in Volume 4 of the comic. This scene shows us Chaos in Prontera, currently alone and lost in thought. He was busy thinking about what Frigg had told him when they met as well as wondering about his past as Balder and his destiny.

He was wondering about the gap in his memories, knowing there were still many things that he did not know and could not recall. Instead of showing us this pretty pointless scene, why didn't the main character just go see Fenrir and ask her what she knows about his past because she clearly knows something?

chaos, fenris fenrir, ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa
If he really wants to remember all his forgotten memories, then why is he just standing there doing nothing?

He keeps wracking his brains for his lost past, but if he really can't remember by himself, then why won't he ask the woman who knows? Why can't he ask her to tell him more about his past as a god and what really happened a thousand years ago?

If you thought that scene was frustrating and even annoying, then you might not have seen this other scene from Volume 4.

With this particular scene, it really seems as if nothing could compare to it in terms of sheer frustration and annoyance. This might really be where you can scream the post title and where you might want to shake the main character just to ask him and get him to talk to Fenris already.

This is the part of the manhwa where Loki confronts Chaos. This is where we find out that the symbol on the back of Chaos' shirt means rain and that it is also a sign of the ancient Dragon Knights.

As expected, the main character himself and even Iris Irine don't know anything about this, but the awesome and cool Fenris Fenrir appears to know a lot about these Dragon Knights.

We are told that Chaos apparently has a connection to these knights just because he's wearing a shirt with their symbol on it. I know this is probably the case, but don't you think that the characters jumped to conclusions about all this way too easily?

Was it logical and believable that they should think that the main character was raised and trained by a Dragon Knight just because he's wearing the shirt he's wearing? Seriously? How would they even know for sure? I mean, where did Chaos even get his clothes anyway? For all anyone knows, he could have just found the shirt or bought it somewhere.

While that's certainly upsetting, what's more aggravating is what happens next. Chaos soon speaks up and says that Loki knows more about his past than anyone else and he wants answers from the assassin. He then keeps asking the guy to tell him more about his past.

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, chaos
Hello, Chaos, what could possibly be wrong with you? Do you think he might be blind or deaf or something? Because, really, why couldn't he ask Fenris Fenrir? Why won't he talk to her and ask her about this?

She was the one who was with Balder 1000 years ago and she was the one who just explained all about the Dragon Knights and made all these speculations.

She clearly knows about these things, so why isn't Chaos asking her? Huge sigh. How aggravating and frustrating, no? Let's just move on to Volume 8 before that particular scene irritates us further.

In Volume 8, the protagonists get separated from each other and it just so happens that Chaos and Fenris end up together while Iris, Lidia and Loki are somewhere else. The 2 could have taken that opportunity to talk to each other. Chaos should have asked Fenrir about his past and maybe we could have even gotten a flashback or two.

Instead all we get is a disappointing and pointless scene between the 2 as all the focus is placed on Lidia, Iris and Loki. That wouldn't have been so bad if we got some more plot out of it, but, regrettably, all we get is yet another pointless scene.

Sure, it's pretty funny, but it would still have been so much better if we got all our questions answered instead. Do you think Chaos should have spoken to Fenris Fenrir and asked her to tell him about his past? Do you think we should have gotten a flashback about what happened a thousand years ago?

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