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What's Wrong With The Fenris Fenrir, Iris Irine, And Bijou Fight (Ragnarok Manhwa)?

Saturday, March 15, 2014
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, bijou, troll, fenris fenrir, iris irine
In Ragnarok: Into The Abyss manhwa, we see Fenris Fenrir and Iris Irine battling against Bijou. What could possibly be wrong with this fight scene?

The fight between the aforementioned women starts in Volume 5 and is continued in Volume 6.

Needless to say, the fight is quite long and drawn-out (but let's not focus too much on that as there is already a post that discusses the seemingly never-ending fight scenes in this comic).

Let's take a look at some of the things that make this fight rather frustrating and even aggravating (aside from how long it is).
ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, bijou, iris irine, fight scene
Fenris Fenrir and Iris Irine are teamed up for this fight, but Bijou isn't outnumbered because she has a troll to help her. Why is it that either Fenris or Iris have the tendency to just stand there, watch and do nothing while the other is busy battling the troll or Bijou?

For instance, in Chapter 49 of Volume 6, we see Fenrir just standing by and watching. But why? Why isn't she doing anything? Why isn't she helping her friend? Why can't the two women work hand-in-hand together in order to defeat Bijou and her troll?

We later on see that Bijou has almost gotten to the Heart of Ymir, but if the 2 main characters had just split up the job between themselves, then this might not have happened.

Why didn't they agree and decide that one of them will take care of the troll while the other battles Bijou? This could have helped ensure the safety of the shard, so that their enemy will have a harder time getting to it.

As it is, with how one of the protagonists is just standing by and doing nothing and with how none of them pay much attention to Bijou, this was practically an invitation for the latter to go and get the heart shard. They might as well have just handed it over to her without a fight if they weren't going to take this seriously.

ragnarok: into the abyss, manhwa, fenris fenrir, bijou, iris irine, troll, witch, fight scene
Besides, doing it the way they did just seemed to prolong and draw out the fight even more when it could have ended far sooner. It was wonderful and about time when the troll was finally defeated.

However, don't you wonder why Iris Irine had to be the one to land the finishing blow with her sword? Why couldn't it have been Fenris instead? What was the reason why she couldn't be the one to kill the troll?

She has an awesome and cool weapon too and we've seen how good she is with her staff and how magical and powerful said staff is, much like Iris' weapon. So, why was it Iris' job to destroy the troll? This is especially baffling considering how it seems that Iris isn't really much of a fighter.

She's pretty good at fighting, but we mostly see her as being the support or the healer of the group. Do you think that the 2 protagonists should have split the job and decided who will fight with who? Who do you think should have destroyed Bijou's troll?

- Image with added text was modified by Freya Yuki based on the image by Rusembell (CC:BY) from deviantArt
- Image of two fighters is meant to represent Fenris Fenrir and Iris Irine who fought side-by-side against Bijou and her troll
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